5 Fitness Tips to Ensure Your RIG is Summer Ready 

It’s that time of the year again folks, the summer rush of everyone trying to get in good nick for beach season! This is a time where people often try crazy crash diets where they extremely restrict calories all while completely smashing themselves in the gym. This behaviour is often unsustainable and these people often find themselves in the same position each year. These fitness tips will provide you with the necessary insight to start kicking goals with your health and fitness and ensure you’re toned and ready for summer.

1) High Protein Diet

High protein diets have been proven time and time again to be optimal to improve weight loss, fight off cardiovascular diseases, improve your energy levels all while making you leaner. One of the major benefits of protein is that it’s extremely satiating, meaning it helps you to feel fuller for longer. This is going to be a blessing by making you less likely to snack on low-quality foods when you get hungry in between meals. 

Think of the main event of every meal to be protein. A nice rule of thumb without counting calories is to aim for 2 palm-sized servings per meal for a guy and 1 for a girl. Vary up your sources with fish, eggs, chicken, seafood, lean Beef, eggs, pork, lamb. Please note there is very little evidence to show that high protein diets are detrimental to healthy individuals but can cause issues in those with pre-existing kidney problems. 

2) Preparation 

It might be the most cliche advice in this article but hey it all comes down to how well you can prepare. I always ask my guys to tell me what they think their biggest roadblock to success would be. Are they unable to wake up in time to get to the gym because they’re sleeping like shit? Do they get stressed at work and only have a short time to pop down to the kebab shop to get lunch? 

Creating self-awareness here is key. What is your biggest roadblock? How can you overcome that roadblock? You might need to commit to getting in bed 15 mins earlier so you can get more sleep. Set yourself up for successful nutrition by having high protein and smarter food choices on standby at work, then if you work overtime you won’t have any excuses to duck down to the local Maccas.

Here are some high quality snacking options that require little to no preparation I make sure my guys have on hand: Boiled eggs, protein powder, protein bars, nuts, tuna cans, fruit.

3) Fruit and Veg Intake 

This one is going to be short and sweet. Rarely have I ever reviewed someone’s nutrition and thought that they were getting in enough fruit and vegetables. Not only do these babies have a ton of vitamins and minerals needed for you to operate at optimal health and fight disease, but they also provide you with plenty of fibre which is extremely important for digestion and gut health. High fibre foods are also going to leave you feeling fuller for longer, and paired with protein, make for a very satisfying meal. I try to go for 2 big handfuls of fruit or veg with absolutely every meal (yes that includes breakfast). 

4) Move More 

This one might seem obvious but so many people are happy to train in a gym 2-3 times a week and sit on their arses for the rest of the week. They are missing out on a heap of fat loss potential! In this day and age, we humans sit almost constantly! From the second we hop onto public transport in the morning to then sitting at your desk at work, and finally on the couch catching up with the latest Game of Thrones or the Bachy (whatever floats your boat). 

With the weather warming up it’s a great excuse to get MOVING. It doesn’t have to be formal training in a gym. Step counters are great for this set yourself a goal and get walking. On days you’re not in the gym go for a big walk with a pal or loved one. Start walking to and from work. Get a game of touch footy going with the crew once a week. Take the stairs every day instead of the lift or walk to work the long way. All of these seemingly little things add up to more energy expenditure and in turn, more body fat dropped. 

5) Get Some Accountability 

Many people struggle getting motivated. You can have the best gym program in the world with the best nutrition guideline but if you don’t actually take action on it then you’re going to be stuck exactly where you are. After years in the industry, I have estimated less than 10% of people have the drive to get into a big commercial gym and train enough to see results. These big chain gyms can be amazing if you can get going but they’re definitely not for everyone. They don’t provide much direction and can be quite intimidating for the average joe just looking to drop body fat. 

It is important that you seek out an environment that you are going to enjoy being a part of and in this day and age, there are endless options for you to choose from whether it be for face to face training or online. You want to find a coach who is going to check in with you regularly, track your progress (using a mix of photos, measurements and also strength and fitness tests) and make adjustments to your nutrition and lifestyle (sleep, stress, hydration etc). Being treated like an individual and not a number is a sure fire way to get you motivated and get the results pumping. 

There you have it, folks. My top 5 fitness tips to get your Rig summer ready. Work on these and you’ll be on your way to sustainable fat loss and summer shreddedness. It really comes down to consistency and not some super secret fat loss diet or training program. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have so feel free to get in touch or drop me a line. 

Geoff Goddard is the owner and head coach at Lord Of The Rig Darlinghurst. Check out his website for more nutrition and fitness tips.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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