5 Best Instagram Accounts for Watch Lovers

There’s no denying that we love watches at TVG. It’s great to see that in a modern society filled with smart devices that the male appreciation for fine mechanical watches is stronger than its ever been. Horology is still and always has been the most popular category on TVG and we’re not the only ones enjoying educating readers about the joys of owning a special timepiece, or the joys of showing off a special timepiece.

It seems Instagram has become the most influential social media platform for watch enthusiasts and collectors to discuss and showcase the finest watches in the world. The guys we follow on TVG are a mixture of publications, Instagram elite, private collectors, retailers and average Joes. The calibre of watches getting published from accounts all over the world is staggering, from unique and concept pieces to world class vintage pieces – it’s amazing to see what people have access to. In saying that I decided to throw together a quick list of TVG’s 5 Best Instagram Accounts for Watch Lovers.

One of the first images I ever posted on TVG’s Instagram account was a shot of Mr Haagen’s IWC Big Pilot. Kristian is a watch journalist, published author and of course a collector, with a penchant for Patek. He travels the world writing (funnily enough with the majority of this list). He is super knowledgable and his personal collection and taste in watches is very much to my liking!

The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Kristian-Haagen The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Kristian-Haagen The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Kristian-Haagen The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Kristian-Haagen

Fancy yourself a vintage Rolex fan? This feed makes Philipp Stahl and his mates cry. The account is run by Marlon from Watches In Rome, arguably one of the best vintage Rolex stores in the world and it doesn’t take many posts to realise why. Just pop over to the site and have a look at some of the watches these guys have sold – just incredible!

The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watches-In-RomeThe-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watches-In-Rome The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watches-In-Rome The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watches-In-Rome

Bexsonn only hit our radar recently but we’re already obsessed. They combine two of our passions, watches and whisky and every photo on their feed is a beauty. To support their Instagram they’ve got a great blog delving into the intricacies of modern and vintage timepieces as well as single malts from around the world.

The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Bexsonn The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Bexsonn The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Bexsonn The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Bexsonn

It appears that #TeamWatchAnish have truly cornered the ultra elite market on Instagram. His Instagram feed contains gorgeous photos of some of the rarest, unique and most expensive timepieces in the world. He’s never far from a Richard Mille, a Greubel Forsey or something outrageous from your favourite brand that you never new existed. Outside of horology Anish also documents fine autos, menswear and exotic locations – it’s enough to cause serious depression so beware!

The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watch-AnishThe-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watch-AnishThe-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watch-Anish The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Watch-Anish

Hodinkee is my favourite watch website on the internet and has seriously influenced my passion for watches. Ben and his team (including our pal Felix) live the horology high life travelling the world visiting manufacturers, judging competitions, launching boutiques, telling watch stories, providing in-depth reviews and educating the community. Naturally living such a lifestyle includes a seriously good Instagram account. Get on it!

The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Hodinkee The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Hodinkee The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Hodinkee The-Versatile-Gent-5-Best-Watch-Instagram-Accounts-Hodinkee

Feature Image via Hodinkee


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