The 5 Best Coffee Cups

Coffee can be served any number of ways, but one thing should remain constant – a quality cup. Below is a list of the top 5 coffee cups on the market. You have to give yourself the best equipment when striving for that perfect cup of coffee.

1. ACF Brown 58M 200ml – $75 (Set of 6)

The perfect Latte cup, constructed from porcelain for good thermal conductivity to maintain the temperature of your coffee. Finished with a brown glaze for a brilliant shine and toughness. This is the signature cup of many a café.

ACF Brown 58M 200ml

2. ACF White 11B 70ml – $47 (Set of 6)

Classic Italian espresso cup, a 70cc porcelain cup with thick walls and a beautiful white glossy finish. The white finish provides a beautiful contrast for the thick golden crema of your espresso.

ACF White 11B 70ml

3. Duralex Picardie Glasses 90ml -$17 (Set of 6)

The classic piccolo glass of the perfect size. Made using tempered glass to prolong the life of your glass and prevent scratches. Fits right into your hand for a great warm feel. The great part about a glass cup is the ability to see the colour through the sides, giving you a good indication of the pour before you start drinking.

Duralex Picardie Glasses 90ml

4. IPA Milano Cappacino Cup 300ml – $74 (Set of 6)

A wide and deep cup for that thick and textured cappuccino. The thick porcelain walls and a glossy white finish ooze simplicity. Crafted in Italy for ensured quality.

 IPA Milano Cappacino Cup 300ml

5. Duralex Picardie 160ml – $21 (Set of 6)

A slightly smaller glass than the standard 220ml Latte, ideal for a drinker who wants a slightly stronger latte. Duralex is an extremely well-renowned brand, a coffee industry favourite. Like all Duralex glasses, these are crafted in France.

Duralex Picardie 160ml

All of these cups are available from reputable espresso shops and even cafes.

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