Three Over Seven: The Wool Runner

Last week some chaps from Wellington launched a product called the ‘Wool Runner’ on Kickstarter. Today it’s closed – they completely sold out in just 5 days. Suffice to say, they’ve killed it!

The Wool Runner is based on a design similar to that of the Nike Free run but is made with wool, which has one clear advantage, it doesn’t smell! The shoe is specifically designed to be worn without socks because the wool upper regulates temperature and odour. Not only is it breathable, it’s biodegradable, based on natural and renewable benefits offered by wool, which means the gents at Three Over Seven are also doing their bit for the environment.


Surely it’s itchy you ask? Apparently not. The team has developed a unique, patent pending, world-first fabric, designed specifically to have the strength and structure to make a shoe upper, with the comfort and abrasion resistance to be worn without socks. The fabric has got two sides, a soft inner side designed to sit against the skin and a technical side designed to resist dirt on the exterior of the shoe. Best of all, to make things easy for Nike Free fans, they’ve matched the sizing exactly which makes ordering as simple as picking your favourite colour.

It’s pretty clear these guys are onto something special. Not often do I see a product and buy it on the spot, and luckily we did because we’d be going without if we’d waited till we returned from NZ. You can check read more about the shoe on Kickstarter where the gents promise they’ll be back.

Like them on Facebook to find out when the Wool Runner is back on the market! We’ll certainly be jumping on a few more colours.

wool runner


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