3 Must Have Shaving Products by Clinique for Men

Whether you like it or not Gents, you’re going to have to shave that stubble off eventually, and when you do you should be doing yourself a favour and using premium products. Clinique has been in the men’s grooming business for 30 years, slowly perfecting their formulas to help guys like us get on with their day and not worry about their skin. Today we’re walking you through Clinique’s 3 best shaving products combined with a few tips to get the perfect shave.

1. Face Scrub – A pre-shave essential. This pre-shave product revives and smooths skin, removing dead flakes and oil build-up, clearing the way for closer, nick-free shaves. Not only does is leave your skin cleansed and feeling fresh, it lifts beard and helps reduce ingrown hairs. Rounded granules gently massage and exfoliate the skin so later on your razor can come in hot and do its job properly.

2. Aloe Shave Gel – This aloe-rich gel softens and cushions your face and beard to ensure a smooth and close shave. Apply a thin layer to the face and massage into beard/stubble. Be sure to rinse your blade in warm water to ensure the cleanest shave possible and pat dry with a fresh towel. The Aloe Shave gel will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated.

3. Post-Shave Healer – Soothing after-shave treatment again containing aloe to help calm razor burn and relieve dryness. This is a nice light, comforting lotion that encourages healing of minor nicks and cuts. Perfect for all skin types.

These 3 products will have you looking and feeling better about your shaving routine. Clinique are committed to making these daily tasks as easy as possible and delivering the best possible results. Invest a little more in your skin and you’ll get whole lot more out.

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