24 Hours in Melbourne: Crown Spa

It’s not often the modern-day gentleman finds the time to truly unwind. Even if you manage to avoid the booze for a weekend you’re still tired from the weekend before and months straight spent sitting at a desk with your head in the computer does horrifying things to your posture. Luckily for the travelling businessgent Crown Towers has one of the finest day spa’s in all the country with a selection of male orientated treatments located in a tranquil retreat within the hotel’s premium health club.

The main treatment room looks like something out of Tony Montana’s Miami mansion featuring double height ceilings, armchairs, columns, showers, a central spa bath and a glass blown chandelier. The room is designed for singles or couples and would dazzle any female companion you may happen to bring along with you. On the day we received two treatments, the Essential Face Grooming and Back Sculpture. The Face Grooming treatment focuses on refreshing and recharging focusing on stress relief points which encourage deep relaxation and a free mind.

Despite initial thoughts the face is apparently not the most neglected part of the male body – it’s the back. Thus the Back Sculpture treatment aims to treat the entire back area cleansing, toning and exfoliating with essential oils and a bioactive sea salt mask, finishing with a hydrating and sebum balancing lotion. Despite not knowing what any of those things are the two hours I spent in the Crown Spa were no doubt the most relaxing two hours of my life to date.

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