24 Gifts in 24 Days – Riedel Glass Decanters

A beautiful glass decanter is necessary for every aspiring wine aficionado.  They allow for removing sediment from the original bottle, more common in aged wines, whilst also allowing the wine to breathe.  However their aesthetic value must not be overlooked.  Whether you are pulling out your decanter to impress your date while cooking them dinner, or simply enjoying a nice bottle of red with a few friends, a magnificent decanter adds great value.  If you don’t have one, now is a better time than ever to treat yourself.  And if you do, the scratches on it might prompt you to consider updating.  Of course, they also make great gifts.

Riedel have a large range of impressive glass decanters.  They vary greatly in price, which makes it even easier to find the right one depending on your budget.  Here are some great decanters:

At the lower end of the price spectrum is the Cabernet Magnum Decanter.  This is a slightly larger decanter, designed for a magnum of wine.  Simple yet elegant, it is a great entry point at $129.95 although some cheaper options are available.



The Black Tie Touch decanter is a good step up, and a great Christmas gift.  With a slightly angled neck and rows of black and yellow crystal, it makes an ideal gift for anyone, even more so considering the price is only $269.95.  This particular decanter is also available in other colours.



Another worthy consideration is the Duck decanter.  Its unique shape is not only eye-catching, but allows for easy storage.  It is slightly shorter in height, making it suitable for decanting white wines and champagne, so it can then be fit into a fridge.  This decanter is available for $449.95.


The Eve decanter is something special.  This particular style has been free blown and hand made.  Not only a functional decanter, it is a work of art, reminiscent of a King Cobra.  Standing at over half a metre tall, it is guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention.  This piece is available for $799.95 and makes a very special gift indeed.


Lastly, the Twenty Twelve decanter is truly amazing.  Another handmade, free blown piece, it was created to celebrate the year of the Dragon.  Rumour has it that this particular decanter can convert even the most loyal of beer drinkers to the other side.  Although, unless you don’t mind late presents, this gift is better suited for Christmas in 2014 as it takes 16 – 20 weeks to make once ordered.


These are just a few of many decanters offered by Riedel, so their website is definitely worth a look at.  You will need to get in quick though as stocks are running out fast in the lead up to Christmas.

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