24 Gifts in 24 Days: Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Tattoo

Linde Werdelin continues to push the boundaries of watch design with the launch of the Oktopus Moon Tattoo, just in time for Christmas! For those that haven’t had the pleasure of wearing a Linde Werdelin piece or seeing one in the flesh, I can assure you that they are making some of the most fascinating and functional timepieces on the market today. I’ve been following the release closely through a number of horology aficionados including our friend Anish and suffice to say, it’s a beauty!



The limited edition Moon Tattoo builds on LW’s progressive case design adding a further element of skill and craftsmanship to the 18K rose gold body with an intricately engraved hand drawn octopus. Featuring the brand’s in-house moon-phase complication, (the ideal function for planning night dives) the complication displays luminous, imaginary and hand-drawn moons-phases on its dial. Each moon is drawn and printed several times and delicately inlayed inside the pierced disk one by one. As the moon moves clockwise through its monthly cycle, more of its surface is illumined. As you can see it truly is a piece to admire complemented by a titanium DLC screw in case back featuring the iconic hand-drawn octopus.

The Oktopus Moon Tattoo is the perfect balance of contemporary art, technology and innovation; transporting poetry and imagination into the world of time keeping”. This would be a hard Christmas gift to top!

For more information head to Linde Werdelin’s website.






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