24 Gifts in 24 Days: La Maison by Glasshouse Fragrances

Candles were once a last minute present option for your mother-in-law or distant relative, the perfect go-to for the unorganised present giver. Come this Christmas however, a Glasshouse candle should be on everyone’s list. As the modern man becomes more concerned with how he looks and what he wears, he should also be conscious of his living quarters and how they look and how they smell.

Founded in 2006, all their beautiful collections are made in Australia using only the finest materials.

“We believe that fragrance has the power to transform every moment – to put life in an illuminating light, no matter what the occasion (or simply no occasion at all). We’re here to elevate the everyday – to set your imagination soaring with the scent of escapism, to take you places and lift your spirits with unique beauty.”

La Maison Glasshouse is a new collection of candles from Glasshouse Fragrances, created by a team of leading French perfumers synonymous with craftsmanship, expertise and quality. The six new La Maison Glasshouse fragrance blends ensure an uncommon journey.

Honest, authentic and sophisticated each hand-poured, triple scented candle is layered with the complex and the delicate – a multi-faceted beauty impossible not to love. Refined luxury combined with evocative elegance, sublime reverie for every moment. Not only do these candles smell incredible, they also look amazing with their multi-faceted black design and will quickly become a feature of any room.

If purchasing for a gent, we’d recommend the No. 1 Bois Magiques, No. 5 Fleurs Musquees and No. 6 Le Desir Ardent as they have s lightly more masculine fragrance. Glasshouse Fragrances are available online and at selected retailers (RRP $59.95).

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