24 Gifts in 24 Days: Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

With Christmas rapidly approaching and a long list of people to buy for it’s not uncommon to look towards the empty liquor cabinet for solutions. At TVG we’re big Old Fashioned fans and a quality whiskey is always our go-to. One whiskey we’ve always loved to use as a base for this famous cocktail is Gentleman Jack.

JD Gentleman

1 x Sugar Cube
Splash of Angostura Bitters (mixed with orange bitters is also a nice touch)
60ml Gentleman Jack
Orange Rind
Nice big ice blocks

Soak the sugar cube in bitters and stir together until a smooth paste is formed. Add a single cube of ice and 15ml of Gentleman Jack, stir until ice is partially diluted and sugar is totally dissolved. Add remaining whiskey while stirring to create a smooth consistency. Top with ice and, zest the orange rind over the drink and pop it in your beverage.

Gentleman Jack is a premium whiskey from Jack Daniel’s that introduces a two-stage charcoal mellowing process making it extra smooth on the palate. The complex flavours interact perfectly with the sugar and bitters; combining effortlessly with the maraschino when stirred over ice. It’s perfect for a Christmas day nightcap (if you’ve paced yourself properly!)

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is certainly worth considering if you’re seeking a more interesting option for the whiskey connoisseur who prefers his drinks neat or over ice. As the name might suggest the Single Barrel follows an age-old tradition of sourcing whiskey from an individual barrel, which allows for subtle taste differences in nose, color and flavor from barrel to barrel and bottle to bottle.

To add to the appeal of the Single Barrel product Jack Daniel’s are now allowing the consumer to select their own barrel and bottle a Single Barrel whiskey of their own choice, which would make for an awesome experience!

If you head over to the official Jack Daniel’s Christmas Barrel Tree website you can discover a whole bunch of whiskey-flavoured content to help you make your Christmas period just a little bit easier and more enjoyable. More importantly, there are 125 bottles of limited edition Holiday Select up for grabs and info about how you can win a trip for you and 7 friends to the JD distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee – now there’s a serious Christmas present!


Feature Image: Tim Gilbreath


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