The 2019 Ford Focus ST Adds Power And Beauty

The 2019 Ford Focus ST is looking to add a whole lot of extra spice to an already spicy hot hatch market in Australia. The release will be the most powerful of the all-new Ford Focus line for 2019, with a 2.3-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine to rival Hyundai’s quite popular i30 N. While not comparatively powerful when stacked up against its big brothers in the ‘Ford Performance’ bloodline, the all-new hot hatch is also offering a range of versatile customisation options – including options on innovative gear changes, to make it worthy of the souped-up branding.

These gear options include the choice of either a traditional six-speed manual gearbox (with optional rev-matching) or a paddle shift automatic that would optimise acceleration and speed. Just like the Focus RS, the ST will be produced in a German facility and will include the option of a performance pack for Australian customers. This performance pack includes launch control, shift lights, rev-matching, and Ford’s coveted ‘track driving’ mode. This track mode includes anti-lag technology that keeps the throttle open when the driver’s foot is off the acceleration, thus alleviating the reversal of airflow from the turbocharger to maintain wheel speed and hit even harder acceleration through the corners.

Ford Focus ST 1

The 2.3-litre engine is the most powerful ever offered for a Focus ST, giving much cause for excitement from devotees to the line. The result is 206kW of power – a marked 22kW above its predecessor. Between the engine, the gear changes, and the natural hum of the car, Ford is hoping to deliver a driving experience that feels as powerful to drive as the mechanics that move it.

Ford Focus ST 2

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As always, the 2019 Ford Focus ST will be instantly recognisable with its cunning design. A longer wheelbase, shorter front, and rear overhang result in a sporty, masculine look that directly reflects the performance of the vehicle. 18-inch Michelin wheels are the traction of choice. Which, if buyers get the most enjoyment out of their Focus ST, will be a good decision on behalf of Ford. The outer colour schemes include either the ‘Ford Performance Blue’ or ‘Orange Fury’, both of which are typically reserved for the manufacturer’s most capable performance cars.

Ford Focus ST 3

Ford Focus ST 4

On the streets, the 2019 Ford Focus ST should be a more than capable and compelling driver’s car. Ford says they expect the Focus ST to be released in early 2020, joining the Performance range alongside the Ranger Raptor and Fiesta ST. As for its track performance, we’ll have to leave the jury out on that one until we try it ourselves.

Check back with Ford’s site to receive regular updates on the 2019 Ford Focus ST release. To read about the Focus ST’s predecessor in action, see ‘The Ford Focus RS and RS Edition Offer Unbeatable Performance And Practicality.’ 


Jay is a writer and content producer for The Versatile Gent.