The 2018 Range Rover Overfinch Is Luxury Embodied

Beginning as Schuler in 1975, Overfinch has been responsible for the restoration, improvement, and customisation of a myriad of premium Range Rovers. In 2018, Overfinch continued to push the boundaries of luxury itself with their 2018 Range Rover Overfinch.

The Overfinch Legacy

This car is the epitome of luxury SUVs. It’s taking what is already one of the most prestigious large car brands on the planet and drowning it in premium appearance, performance, and opulence. Overfinch as a company is one that bases its expertise in a tradition of excellence. This excellence includes developing the first automatic transition for the Range Rover, as well as a Dakar Rally win in 1981. It’s clear that through the company’s continuing evolution, they have turned their focus towards building the most physically stunning Range Rovers on the market.

The Perks

Being based in Yorkshire, Overfinch is naturally surrounded by an air of upper-class luxury. But they haven’t forgotten their pure performance roots, which comes alive in the 2018 Range Rover Overfinch’s engine. The car opts for a 5 litre, 503hp V-8 supercharged engine, lending to unparalleled speed and power. A deep front air dam, low-level air-intake, and subtle yet suitable spoiler have all furthered the vehicle’s supreme aerodynamics.

The standard Range Rover alloy wheels have been replaced by a choice of Overfinch’s own 22 or 23-inch lightweight offerings.

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The 2018 Range Rover Overfinch obviously has the ability to give a bit of an extraverted groan – and Overfinch wants to give their customers the quick and easy ability to exploit this trait. Bluetooth-controlled valves can be opened or closed to maximise performance (and noise). Other technological assistants include the stock-standard front and rear cameras, and although the 2018 Range Rover Overfinch’s outer body improvements are impressive, they won’t impede on the driver’s vision.

Luxurious Interior

Maintaining an overt theme of luxury, the 2018 Range Rover Overfinch includes ‘Lumiere’ seating treated with Scottish leather from Bridge of Weir Tannery. However, if this should not strike the buyer’s fancy, Overfinch is happy to replace the regular leather with shagreen leather or the less-popular yet still available ostrich skin. White ivory or a light walnut colouring for the interior are common tanning choices.

The ‘Lumiere’ option.

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There are literally no expenses spared with the 2018 Range Rover Overfinch. As the nth degree of luxury, buyers can expect to pay an easy $350,000 depending on their customisation choices. If you’re in the market, feel free to browse Overfinch’s website here.


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