1974 Harley Davidson RR350

I know it’s not the first bike this week but I couldn’t help posting about this 1974 Harley Davidson RR350. I just stumbled across the feature image by a gentleman named Nick Keating who’s father apparently owned the bike in the shot (the photo was taken just prior to selling it). I couldn’t believe it was a Harley Davidson but after doing a little bit of research I’ve come to learn that Harley had a respectable racing outfit in the 70s! This particular bike was put together in the Aermacchi factory in Italy and is one of only 26 examples ever made. The bike is a water cooled, 2 stroke twin cylinder racer and was the only bike that gained Harley podium recognition in the history of Gran Prix racing. Suffice to say, it’s absolutely awesome finished in the Harley orange and yours (if you can find one) for around $30,000.

Sources: MotArt and RareSportsBikesForSale


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