1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL

Some of you may have seen an Instagram image of an immaculate Mercedes-Benz 250SL we shared on the Facebook last weekend. We borrowed the car for a shoot we did with The Academy Brand (pictures to come this week) and spent a lovely day cruising around Watson’s Bay in this iconic Merc. As a thank you to the owner we offered to run an article with some images taken by Shelby on the day of the shoot explaining that the car is currently for sale.


I’ve driven some pretty fantastic cars this year but none got me as excited as this one. There’s only a handful of cars on the road today that are appreciated by men of all walks of life and the Pagoda SL is one of them. Cruising along Campbell Parade in Bondi post a trip to the car wash, I soon came to realise the sheer amount of attention the 250SL was getting. Why? Because it’s beautiful and everyone loves it.


The six cylinder 2.5 litre engine has a surprising amount of grunt, much more than I had anticipated from a car of its age, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter what’s under the hood or what you try to compare this car to because it’s really in a league of its own. Sure the chassis wobbles like Grandma’s pannacotta and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ will play in its entirety before you get the roof off and stowed correctly, but nothing can buy the look from the old bloke who pulls up next to you with the top down on his blue Ferrari California and looks at you in utter disbelief – which is exactly what happened as I pulled into Watson’s Bay.

The 250 SL was introduced at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show and were produced between December 1966 and January 1968. The short one-year production run makes the 250 SL the rarest of the W113 series cars. It retained the stiffer suspension and sportier feel of the earlier 230SL but provided significantly improved agility with a new engine and rear disc brakes.


This LHD “Pagoda” was originally registered in California and is finished in Silver with black leather interior, black mohair soft top, silver hard top, a reconditioned 2.5 litre engine, automatic transmission, power steering, CD player and original steel wheels with full face colour coded trims.

If you have any further enquiries about the car or are interested in viewing it feel free to drop us a line at: [email protected]



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