14 Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and if you’re a man you’ve definitely left organising a gift till the last minute. We thought we’d throw together a quick post with 14 Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas starting at just $22.99. There’s a whole list of great stuff here, keep in mind some of it might not make it to Dad in time but they’ll all be worth the wait.

Books – From $22.99


The Father’s Day book is great for that additional extra part of a gift or a stand alone gift if you’re Dad’s not that into the day itself. Two we’ve got on the radar are Robert Macklin’s SAS Insider ($35) (pair it with the Bowen Belt Knife below!) and Michael Robotham’s Life or Death ($22.99), a prison escape novel he’s been working on for twenty years. Both available at Dymocks.

Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Shiraz 2008 – $34.99


Last week Dan Murphy’s sent me over a bottle the Mount Langi Ghiran 2008 Cliff Edge Shiraz which I drank with my Dad, and I’ve got to say it was rather delightful. Tasting notes include plum, blackberry and mulberry on the nose with hints of spice, sandalwood and floral notes. The complex flavours develop nicely on the palate with a nice balance of French oak, fine tannins and a refreshing, minerally finish. Cellared to its optimum drinking age through Dan Murphy’s Cellar Release program, the Mount Langi Ghiran is available for purchase online.

Bowen Knife Belt – From $35


Just the novelty factor of these knife belts makes them the perfect gift for the old man. Bowen don’t pretend these are made for fly fishing, they clearly state their products are for a combat or self defence situation – so a situation your Dad’s unlikely to find himself in unless he’s in East Baltimore for a work conference. Nevertheless it’s a cool piece of kit that’ll make him feel like James Bond when he’s at the hobby farm.

Bryan Smith National Geographic Live Show Tickets – $49


Perhaps your Dad fancies himself a bit of outdoorsman? He may be interested in tickets to National Geographic Live with extraordinary adventurer Bryan Smith live onstage in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong this October. An award-winning filmmaker, adventurer and conservationist for the National Geographic Channel, Bryan Smith will share exhilarating adventures and gripping moments from his assignments in the world’s most remote and dangerous places, showcasing never before seen images and film footage.

Bellroy Elements Sleeve – $69.95


Australian outfit Bellroy are leading the charge in the world of functional and stylish wallets and sleeves. Their Elements Sleeve packs multi-dimensional features into a deceivingly small space. The water-resistant leather keeps things sleek, and the pull-tab seal gives your Dad a functional way to keep his essentials protected on the slopes or on the bike. 

Geoff Merrill Wine Dinner at The Far North Turramurra – $80 per head

The-Versatile-Gent-Astrolabe-Wine-Dinner-The-Far-North-Turramurra (6 of 8)

Last week we were invited to The Far North at Turramurra for a wine dinner with New Zealand winemaker Astrolabe. I took my mother and was blown away by the wine and the food. Next Thursday (Sept 11) they are hosting their next event with iconic Australian winemaker Geoff Merrill. The evening includes 5 courses with matching Geoff Merrill reserve wines, live entertainment and a meet and greet with Geoff so you’re Dad can embarrass himself with his mediocre wine knowledge! Spaces are limited so get in quick.

Bas and Lokes – Watch Strap (From $85) or Roll (From $169)


It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last time we mention Bas and Lokes. The Sydney based company makes stunning leather accessories for watch enthusiasts and travellers. If Dad wants to spruce up his Speedy or ad some vintage flair to his Subby then Bas and Lokes is the place to visit. Likewise if he needs a place to store his collection then the ‘Eli’ watch roll will do the job in serious style.

Rodriguez Live in Concert – From $99


If your Dad grew up in Australia or South Africa there’s a 99% chance he spent his youth listening to Sixto Rodriguez’s album Cold Fact. The Detroit born folk artist returned to the spot light after featuring in Oscar winning documentary ‘Searching For Sugarman’ and is coming to Australia this Spring. Tickets appear to be rather difficult to get a hold, so if you can’t pick one up grab him the documentary on DVD instead.

Jetblack Espresso Barista Course – $159


Specialist Coffee mecha, Jetblack Espresso in Cremorne is the perfect place to take Dad for a little bonding session in their Group Barista Course. Whether he’s looking to buy a new machine (they’ve got a phenomenal range) or he’s just looking to hone his skills at home, the course’s practical component gives one on one feedback from a qualified Barista while you learn. Perfect creama awaits!

Wicked Lasers Torch – $199


From the makers of the world’s most refined lasers, comes the most powerful handheld flashlight in the world. The Flashtorch is a compact, portable searchlight that is capable of producing an incredible 4100 lumens of intense white light. Dad can use it to find his Ski gear under the stairs or light a fire, or even fry an egg!

And for those who are happy to spend a bit more.

Cambridge Audio One – $749


The Cambridge Audio One is like a Bluetooth speaker on steroids. The One allows users to play there music from a multitude of devices without compromising sound quality. The One is perfect for Dad because it offers him Bluetooth connectivity for his phone, Digital Radio for the sport and a CD slot for his old collection. What really makes this unit stand out is its built in amp so Dad can add his good speakers to make a complete HiFi system.

Audi Advanced Driving Experience – $950


A few months ago we ventured out to Sydney Motorsport Park to spend a day with Audi’s performance drivers doing their Advanced Driving Experience. Steve Pizatti and the team take you through a series of practical demonstrations focused on vehicle control and precision using a range of Audi vehicles, from A4, to Q5 and even up to the huge A8. From jamming the brakes on at 120km to loosing control in the wet the course gets you out of your comfort zone and teaches you some great tips to master you driving skills. On the skid pan you and your Dad can compete for the quickest driver of family title in the timed Motokhana. To round the day off you get the chance to take the cars for a few laps on the track before getting a hot lap or two in the RS4 with one of the pros at the wheel!

LG 4K Ultra HD Television – From $2999


LG have just launched their latest 4K ULTRA HD TV (model UB950T) striking the perfect combination of high-end tech specs with streamlined aesthetics and some serious bang-for-your-buck. The amazing screen resolution and harman/kardon sound are sure to get Dad on the edge of his seat while the Wallabies are playing (not that their lacklustre performance won’t anyway). Best make sure he puts it in the family room so you can enjoy it when you go round.

Watch: The Watch Roll


If you’re a watch guy and most of you are, you’re going to want to follow The Watch Roll fan page – maybe get your Dad to follow them as well so he can pick something he likes. These guys are watch brokers sourcing deals through suppliers in Geneva. We’ve been following them for a while and they’re pushing some great deals from Tag Monacos to Roger Dubuis Double Tourbillons. Your Dad’s watch probably wont come before Sunday but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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