10 Great Pocket Square Brands on Etsy.

Following the success of our watches under $1000 and ties for Derby Day lists we decided we’d throw together one thats been a long time coming. A lot of people email us and ask us where they can find good pocket squares and I’ll be the first person to say that in Sydney retail shopping, it’s difficult. Thankfully pocket squares are fairly easy to produce, very light and very easy to package (and combine packaging), allowing the consumer to shop from anywhere in the world and keep costs down. Etsy is a treasure chest of high quality mens accessories produced by small brands and individuals who ship throughout the world. Here are our top brands from Etsy.

Fox and Brie: pocket squares are handcrafted & made from 100% natural fibers. Using a mixture of new, vintage & dead stock fabrics, each limited edition pocket square is a unique addition to a gentleman’s wardrobe. They also offer a 3 letter monogram service on all purchases!

For the Guys: offers a great selection of prints for the gentleman that wants to add a little flair to their outfit. They are all handmade in Maine and come in at a shockingly good price of $13.38.

Hanks Haberdashery: focuses on bow ties (which are lovely) but they also do pocket squares that are hand-cut and crafted in Seattle from limited edition new or vintage fabrics. Each pocket square is tailored with careful attention to detail using proper techniques, and comes with a handy folding guide so you can practice a range of folds.

Speak Louder: lots of loud silk floral squares from the world famous Liberty Of London, exquisite cotton lawn fabric that is finely woven, light weight and ultra soft. They aren’t the cheapest of the bunch with little change from $50 but if you’re after a square that will ‘peacock’ for you, look no further.

Bow Tie and Cotton: make both cotton and silk squares in a range of classic and more fashion forward styles (including a camo for those inclined). All their squares are hand stitched and hand rolled made to order with cheap shipping to Australia.

New York to Nashville: make all of their squares out of vintage and reclaimed fabrics meaning their products are all limited run. They also offer a pocket square subscription service which will deliver a new pocket square to your door each month. Too easy. 

Human Made: Hand made in New York these guys make squares out of silk, linen and cotton. They offer a phenomenal range in all three fabrics from classic paisleys to Gingham checks. Have a look at their vintage range (pictured below) printed in Italy on silk twill. Loving this paisley!

Goods for Life: With winter looming Goods for Life have a slightly different offering to the rest of the brands in this list, wool pocket squares, adding a little warmth to your winter wardrobe. Their range is more conservative than the other brands in this list with lots of checks and plaid stripes but they also have every other colour you could imagine in organic cotton squares and circles. 

April Look: This shop offers some lovely colours and textures in linen and cotton with beautiful branding and I’m a sucker for beautiful branding. (Feature Image from April Look)

A Chic Touch: These pockets are expensive, too expensive if you ask me but I saw this image and had to include them because if money wasn’t an option I’d buy a range of these with different colour edges. Gorgeous and subtle detail on white. Can’t imagine they sell many at $146!


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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